About Curtin University, Malaysia

Curtin is globally recognised for its strong connections with industry, high-impact research and a wide range of innovative courses.

Curtin University Rankings

Curtin University prides itself on being recognised nationally and internationally for excellence in education and research. Time and again our strong connections with industry, high-impact research and wide range of innovative courses have made us a popular study destination on a global scale.

Our Campus

Curtin Malaysia’s impressive 1, 200 acre campus opened in 2002, in the suburb of Senadin, in Miri. The distinctively charming campus is set in the midst of open flatland that stretches all the way to the Baram River, where the Trans-Borneo Highway and the ASEAN Bridge link Miri to neighbouring Brunei. The campus is surrounded by lush greenery interspersed with man-made lakes and canals that attract a variety of migratory and water birds. An incredible variety of both ornamental and hardy indigenous trees and shrubs flourish on the grounds. This scenery reflects Sarawak’s environment of year-round tropical greenery and bountiful wildlife. Coupled with Miri’s famed sunsets and Senadin’s location away from the bustle of the city, the ambience of the campus is tranquil, inspiring, and conducive for both work and study. Take an aerial tour of Miri and our campus in this video below:

The campus is not only limited to wild beauty though. Through our commitment to ‘Learning for Tomorrow’, Curtin Malaysia has introduced a number of innovative technologies that transform the delivery of education to support increased student engagement and active learning. Chief among these is the introduction of distributed learning spaces that allow for a mix of web-based instruction, live-stream video conferencing, face-to-face classroom time, distance learning through television or video, and other combinations of electronic and traditional educational models. This distributed learning system allows delivery by instructors to learners in multiple geographical locations and learner-instructor interaction in real-time. In addition we continue to make significant investments in state-of-the-art computing and networking facilities. The campus currently has 14 computer labs for student use in addition to terminals located in the library that provide access to online databases. Sophisticated IT linkages provide access to the online resources of the main campus in Perth.

For more information: https://curtin.edu.my/about/our-campus/